Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log: Sunday, January 3, 1999:  F. Lamb
Sunday January 3, 1999
Skied the Barber Lake Trail with Tina, Kim Baker, Chris Musick,
Jake the wonder dog and two of his pals, Rex and Buddy.  Started
at 10:00 a.m. from Green Rock. It was a balmy zero degrees.
There were forty five rigs belonging to some very hearty souls
parked in the upper lot with fourteen in the lower. Snow course
marker measured twenty seven inches. We meandered down the trail
and made radio contact with Myron who was up on North Fork Trail.
I dug a pit near the old ski area at about 9200 feet. The pit was
on a northerly slope of about 20 degrees in the trees.  There were
two distinct layers in the 24 inches of snow. The top twelve inches
were new snow on top of twelve inches of depth hoar.  The layers
separated easily with the shovel test right where you would expect,
between the layers and at the ground. Myron reported hearing some
settling  that afternoon. Like last year, this unstable ground level
snow will probably continue to cause concern.

We finished up at about 2:00 p.m. with only one minor mishap.
Kim ran into Rex, who had stopped to clean the ice out from between his
toes, and tweaked her knee a bit. Kim, being a lawyer, has considered
filing a gross negligence suit against Rex, her husband's dog. Will
update as that progresses. The trail was in great shape and was fun
to ski (i.e. mostly downhill).

Frank Lamb

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