Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log: Sunday, January 3, 1999:  M. Allen
3 January 1999, 10:30 - 3:00, Snowy Range.  Skied the North Fork via
the following route:  
  * Green Rock Cutoff to upper Potholes Trail (the route we cleared 
    this past September).
  * West on Upper Potholes Trail to North Fork summer trail.
  * East on the North Fork Trail to a flagged cutoff leading south to
    Forest Road 330. (We cleared and flagged this cutoff in September).
  * Forest Road 330 to an old logging road heading west at elevation
    9470 feet in Sec 17, T16N R78W.
  * West on logging road to its terminus in Sec 18 (sparsely flagged).
    This corridor needs some trimming but is not hard to follow.
  * West through open timber (well flagged) to the upper meadow on
    Green Rock Cutoff.
This route makes it possible to ski the North Fork as a loop from Green 
Rock, without having to spot a car at the Little Laramie Trailhead. 
(The price is a 500-foot elevation gain at the end of the day.)

Snow conditions were fine for touring, but we heard the "whumpfing" 
sounds of settling snow many times during the day on essentially
flat terrain.  The combination of unstable snowpack structure and
steady wind loading during the past week suggests that people should
use extreme caution on steep slopes.

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