Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log: Saturday, January 23, 1999:  K. Chamberlain
Ski tour:
Green Rocks trailhead north to open meadow ENE of St. Alban's
chapel with 5 patrollers and 4 candidates.  Ski and tobaggon
test on slope followed by mock rescue exercise at Little Brooklyn
Lake.  Skied back to Green Rocks by Brooklyn Lk road and
unplowed 130.  Eight inches of fresh snow on a good pack,
excellent touring and turning.

Snow pit:
Location:  NW1/4 SE1/4 Sec 11 T16N R79W, above small lake
Elevation:  ~10440'
Orientation:  E facing open slope, leeward with thick forest above
Dip:  15 °
Depth:  6'6"  (200 cm)
Description from top down:                      Temperatures:  OA 28 °F
 0-18cm:         fresh powder, fist indentation  
 18-41cm:        packed powder, fist                        20cm  22 °F
 41-145cm:       ET slab, well consolidated                 40cm  23 °F
                 increasing hardness with depth, 2 finger   60cm  25 °F
                 at top, pencil at bottom, 0.5mm            80cm  26 °F
                 interlocked crystals                      100cm  28 °F
                                                           120cm  29 °F
                                                           140cm  31 °F
145-200cm:      TG depth hoar, 1-1.5mm facetted crystals   160cm  31 °F
                at top to 2-2.5mm well-formed trapezoids   180cm  32 °F
                at bottom.  Fairly well consolidated       200cm  32 °F
                however, with 3 finger hardness at top
                and 2 finger at bottom
Shovel shear test:  failed at both 18 and 41 cm in loose non-slab style
Modified shear test using skis:  failed at bottom of cut trough due to leverage, results
interpreted to indicate ET and TG portions well-linked with good cohesion and no internal 
weaknesses or shear planes.  

Summary:  slope is relatively safe and prime for good skiing.

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