Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log:  Sunday, January 24, 1999:  J. Hamann
24 Jan 99, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm, Snowy Range.  Skied at the Snowy Range
Ski Area with Rick Deuell's crew.  At approximately 3:35 pm, during
the sweep of the Sundance side of the area, I received an urgent call
from the Aid Room requesting a nordic ski patroller to participate in
an off-area search-and-rescue.  When I arrived at the Aid Room (insert
a very long ride on the Sundance Chair Lift), the Snowy Range employees
had prepared the Albany Co. Sheriff's Office snowmachine and evacuation sled
for immediate departure.  Instructions were to meet with the
Centennial Valley Volunteer Ambulance at the Green Rock Parking area.
Snowy Range management noted that the Sheriff's dispatch had been contacted.
I made radio contact with Centennial VIS (actually, Myron Allen and
skiing party parked in the VIS lot) to report my location and expected
travel plans by snowmachine.  After collecting my backcountry gear, I departed
the Snowy Range Ski Area at 3:50.

Proceeded by snowmachine to the Green Rock parking area then up to the
Highway 130 entrance to Snowy Mountain Lodge at 4:05, where the Centennial
Ambulance was parked.  The Centennial volunteer indicated that an
ambulance from Laramie was enroute.  The "incident" in question was
a snowmachine/tree accident in the Libby Flats area:  one patient,
a 28-year-old male, accident occurring at about 3:00 pm, patient was
the only individual injured.  Five members of the party involved were at
the 130/Snowy Mtn. Lodge junction.  The injured member was reported
to be enroute from the accident via snowcat.  The Centennial volunteer,
with oxygen and aid pack, was taken by private snowmachine to rendezvous
with the snowcat.  The snowcat arrived at Hwy 130/Snowy Mtn Lodge at 4:10.
The "greeting" group now included members of the Albany County Sheriff's
Office as well as Medicine Bow National Forest Law Enforcement and
Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol (myself and Myron Allen).
The patient was stabilized and packaged for transport, with the Laramie
ambulance on-site at 4:20.

With the "patient" shipped at 4:30, the Sheriff's Deputies received two
reports of snowmachining groups with "missing members."  Both incidents
were "cleared up promptly," one with the arrival of the missing party(s), the
other with a cell phone communication from the missing individual.

In my attempt to return the rescue snowmachine and sled to the Snowy
Range Ski Area, I encountered a trio of snowboarders walking up
the Barber Lake Road, approximately one mile from its western intersection
with Highway 130, time 4:50.  The group flagged me down, indicating that one of
their members had a potentially "broken left arm."  The accident had
occurred at approximately 3:00 while the group was snowboarding on
the old Libby Creek ski runs.  After contacting
the Albany County Sheriff's Office and Forest Service Law Enforcement,
I evaluated the patient, splinted and immobilized the arm, then provided transport
back to Highway 130.  The trio departed for the Ivinson Memorial
Emergency Room in their private vehicle.

By this time, Jerry Thuente had joined the party at Highway 130 and provided
snowmachine escort back to the alpine area.  We're glad to say that we
encountered no additional lost or otherwise ailing individuals.  The
rescue/evacuation gear was back in quarters at 5:30.

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