Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log:  Sunday, March 21, 1999:  J. Hamann
Sunday, March 21, 1999.  8:30 am -- 4:30 pm
At 8:00 am, no vehicles parked at Centennial VIS, Barber Lake Road,
Corner Mountain, Little Laramie, Sand Lake.  A total of 30 vehicles
at Green Rock Parking, most in combination with snowmachine trailers.

Skied the Potholes Trail from Green Rock to Brooklyn Lake Road.  Snow
conditions were icey with tightly consolidated snow in most areas
receiving some regular sunlight.  Followed a pair of snowmachine tracks
up the first half mile of the trail.  Snowpack appeared to allow
machine travel at will on the trail route, even in the trees (I happily
used skins for the first 2/3 of the trail).  Later encountered
several snowmachine tracks at upper meadows near northwest terminus of
the trail.  The quiet skies of 8:30 turned to small snow tempests at 10:00.
As I obtained a good view of Medicine Bow Peak from the vicinity of
Brooklyn Lake's east shore, an ominous dark front appeared to by
settling in for the day.  Letting caution be my guide, I skated down
the Brooklyn Lake Road, stopping for a quick snack in the vicinity of
St. Alban's Chapel.  Watched a weasel (white from nose to near the tip
of the tail) reconnoitre my snack spot.

Continued down the Brooklyn Lake Road, noting a large amount of snowmachine
tracks in the fenced and signed area leading up to the weather/radio hill.
Returned to Green Rock having seen only four other skiers but a lot of

Drove down to the Snowy Range Ski Area and skied to the end of the day
with Rick Duell's crew.

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