Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log:  Sunday, April 11, 1999:  J. Hamann
Sunday, April 11, 10am to 2:30pm
Location - Green Rock Parking, top of WYO 130
Weather  - At 10am, 32 F, no winds, clear skies.
Route    - Skied from Green Rock Picnic area past snow stake at top of
Libby Creek / Barber Lake trails.  Continued on Libby Creek Trail,
following ridge to far west corner then continued up Libby Creek
drainage and Libby Flats to the Observation Point atop WYO 130.
Followed 130 back to the "end of the road."  Ended day at Snowy
Range Ski Area to help with closing.
Snow Conditions - Solid pack underneath a 3-4 inch covering of fresh,
light snow.  Libby Creek Trail was skied in by one or two parties
the previous day.
Comments  - During the previous day or two, a number of snowmachines
had entered the Libby Creek area at the southern edge of the protected
"no machine" travel zone.  They appeared to have come from Libby Flats,
directly down the drainage, then attempted to return to WYO 130 across
the top via upper Sally Creek.  With the late season hardpack, travel
in most directions is unhindered, even in the thick trees.

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