Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log: Sunday, December 27, 1998: J. Smith
Car Counts:
Corner Mountain: no cars 
Green Rock: 10:10 am    43 Snow mobile trailers, 5 cars no trailers
            3:30 pm     37 Snow mobile trailers, 7 cars no trailers


We (Janet Smith, Barry Bloom, Jason Gross) skied the Potholes trail
within a half mile of the Barber Lake road.
We broke trail: there was three inches of new snow on the ground at the
Visitor information center and about the same at Greenrock.  By the time
we turned around, we were breaking trail in about 14 inches of new snow
and more snow falling. Some points on the trail could use some
snowmobile compaction as it drifted, no base and was two feet deep.
About a mile in, there was no visible sign of previous classic ski

Despite having been on the trail several times and helping clear the
trail we did wander off the trail at one of the first big clearings.
This was not quite a half mile in, the trail makes a sharp left and
follows the tree line along the left before entering the trees again.
The best marker is the blue flagging on the tree stump, but we failed to
see the subsequent markers from that point and wandered for awhile. Soon
the marker on the tree stump may be covered which will present more
confusion for any new skiers. Anyway, the trail was beautiful with trees
heavy laiden with snow. 

Did not check the snow stake at the entry to Barber Lake nor did we dig
a complete snow pit. Marilyn(?) and Darrell at the VIS requested a
nordic ski patrol list of names.

We did not see any other skiers on the Pot holes trail.

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