Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log: Saturday, January 5, 2002: Bloom
Skied the Pot hole trail part way with Randy Morris.  There was no new snow.  
The depth ranged from 0" to about 2'.  I did not dig a snow pit.  However, 
I did several pole probes along the trail.  There was a hard crust to about 
6" down, then a soft pocket.  There was  depth hoar from the ground to about 6-8".  
On the return trip I sank through the crust on the SE clear slope.  A heavy 
snow will make for dangerous avalanche conditions.  There were 72 vehicles with 
trailers, including 1 Semi tractor and 9 other vehicles in the morning.  
In the afternoon, there were 88 and 16 respectively.

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