Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log:  Sat. March 19, 2011:  Mark Daly

Saturday March 19, 2011 7:30PM – 10:30PM

After enjoying a BBQ and Pot Luck,  84 attendees took part in the Full Moon Ski and Shoe along the Nash Fork Trail System hosted by The Snowy Range Ski Area.  All participants were required to sign in (and out) at the Lodge.  The area placed glow sticks along the route and most participants did have headlamps or flashlights.  Richard Volin and I stationed ourselves at the only intersection that could have caused a problem.  Good thing.  We were relieved at the intersection by Johnny and Christian at 8:15 and we continued the loop.  All was well marked and no issues arose other than helping young ones tighten their snow shoes.  The moon rise over Corner Mountain was amazing from Warpath and many stopped to enjoy it.

We finished the loop and caught back up with the other two patrollers and stayed there to remind participants to sign out upon their return to the lodge.  At 10:15 John Naisbett swept the trail on a snowmachine.  This event was very well organized and could be the start of a wonderful annual event.

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