Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log:  Sat. January 14, 2017:  Dave Mullens

On Saturday, Jan 14th, Patroller Dave Mullens skied segments of the Crow Creek Loop and Headquarter trails on Pole Mountain Ski Trails and has these conditions to report: Dave skied with relatives Ann and Richard Boelter, along with, two Border Collie dogs. We parked our car at the cattle guard on Blair Rd. NFSR 705 (just above the I-80 Summit Rest Area). We started skiing about 10:45 am. with no wind, and returned to the car about 1:45 pm. It was a beautiful sunny day with good fresh snow. Because the snow was so fresh we skied down unbroken snow on NFSR 705 for a good way before cutting over to the Crow Creek Loop near the frozen beaver pond crossing where the well packed trail starts uphill. At this point we met and passed 3 snowshoers heading in the same direction (counter clockwise around the loop). We found the trail all well packed down by snowshoers, skiers, and fat tire bikes. Continuing on we encountered a group of 2 skiers and shortly after a group of 4 skiers, all coming clockwise on the loop. We took a break at the Crow Creek crossing at the Southern most leg of the loop and watched as two fat-tire bikers passed going clockwise on the loop. As we started the gentle climb up the packed trail to the Northeast, we found a number of snow divots where bikers had slipped off the packed trail into soft snow. We passed a snowshoers going the same direction as we were headed. Then, rather than take one of the two trail cutoffs going back to the Crow Creek trailhead, we continued on to junction with the Headquarters trail. There we we encountered a group of 11 people, some on skis and some on snowshoes. We encountered a number of fat-tire bikers also, resulting all-in-all with close to 25 folks on the Headquarters trail. When we reached the trail junction with paths leading down to the groomed trails, we cut up to the rail fence and crossed the open meadow, skiing carefully to watch for barely visible rocks on the gentle slope down to the parked car near the cattle guard. It was a very good, although busy day with quite a few dogs on these trails. But no problems to report. Everyone we met was having a good time and being quite willing to step off the trail for others to pass.

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