Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol
Patrol Log:  Sun. January 15, 2017:  Chris Laursen

On Sunday Jan. 15 Chris Laursen and one other toured and proceeded to ski a SE facing slope approximately 1 mile up FR338 after parking at the snowy range visitor center on WY130. During the duration of the tour 4 other backcountry skiers, 4 snowshoers, and 2 snowmobiles were encountered. Various observations were made of backcountry ski tracks and snowmobile tracks on multiple slopes in the immediate area. A pit was dug on a representative SE facing slope finding a total snow depth of 132 cm, with two main layers of concern being rounded facet layers between 60-65 cm from the bottom and 48-52 cm from the bottom. During pit tests non-planar quality (Q3) fractures occurred first at an interface approximately 103 cm from the bottom. A pit profile is attached below.

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