{ Photos Compliments of Tom the-Oregonian-Alaskan-Michigander-Wyominer-Texan Plawman }

These are some photographs of an Advanced Avalanche Class field session at Cameron Pass, Colorado.

It was a snowy morning. Here are some of our motley crew.

Those red parkas sure look bright against the snow!

There was an avalanche dog and handler from Fort Collins along. We buried Frank Davis and Tim (a Diamond Peaks Nordic Patroller) in snow caves and let the dog search for them.

Here the dog is searching for the simulated "avalanche victims."

Here the dog is zeroing in on Frank's location.

A close up of "Zephyr" the dog.

Tim and Frank after being "saved."

One aspect of evaluating avalanche safety is doing a detailed examination of the snowpack. That usually means digging snow pits.

Here a patroller is examining layers in a snow pit. This was taken on a sunny day near Libby Creek, in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming.