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November 2015 On-the-Trail Refresher
April 2015 MTR Class with Mt. Crescent S.P., near the Libby Creek Trail
The June 2006 MTR Clinic near Medicine Bow Peak
On Saturday, January 23, 1999, the Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol held a Mock Rescue exercise, incorporating the use of the Albany County Sheriff's Office rescue equipment and personnel from the Medicine Bow Routt National Forest.  Pictured are patrollers Rich Behounek (Rescue Sled Pilot), Myron Allen (Chief Coordinator for the Day), USFS Liaison Lisa Marno (Sled Number Two Pilot) and patroller Todd Thibodeau (Mock Patient sporting Mock knee injury).
Beginning at an ungodly early hour on Sunday, November 21, 1999, the Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol held its annual On-The-Trail Refresher.  Topics of the refresher included avalanche rescue cache review, use of probe poles and organization of probe lines, use of GPS resources for locating and S&R activities, and "how to not lose your buddy on a nice Sunday afternoon tromp through the forest (ahem, Sandy)!"
No, that's not a Martian.  The antenna sticking up above Patroller Henry Heasler's pack is the "business end" of a Trimble realtime differentially correcting GPS.  Henry is shown on the Potholes route, mapping in travel corridor for transfer to GIS mapping software.
Todd and Rich Patrol Director Todd Thibodeau accepts a check for $500 donated by the Mount Crescent Ski Patrol.  Presenting the check is Rich Behounek, Director for the Eastern Region of the Rocky Mountain Division of the National Ski Patrol. These funds allow the MBNSP to purchase a King Radio for use by patrollers, in addition to the USFS units.
The annual on-hill refresher day for the Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol included an examination of snow conditions out on the Libby Creek Trail during November 1997.  Some of our swashbuckling crew is shown here soaking up what remains of the afternoon sun before heading back down to the Green Rock Parking Area.

The Medicine Bow Nordic and Snowy Range Alpine Ski Patrol Candidates completed their OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care) education with a practicum examination on December 6, 1997.  We'd like to thank the instructors (Sandy Frost and Myron Allen) as well as all of the volunteers who took part in the course.  Congratulations are due to the following new members of the MBNSP:     Barrie Bloom, Dan Fitzgerald, Jason Gross, Tim Gilbert 

To catch a glimpse of the action at the exam, click on any of the thumbnail images to the left.

Avalanche Field Work Photos 
compliments of Patroller Tom Plawman 
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